Love for details!


Love for details! 🖤
Our ir­re­sis­ti­ble he­art tun­nels are now al­so avail­ab­le in Black­li­ne and Ro­se­li­ne! Or­der now be­fo­re they are sold out again!

— Pro­ducts shown: Mul­ti Je­wel­led He­art — Ro­se­li­ne, Mul­ti Je­wel­led He­art — Black­li­ne, Tun­nel Mul­ti Je­wel­led He­art Steel Zir­con­line and Tun­nel Mul­ti Je­wel­led He­art Steel Basicline.

Sweet de­tails!


Sweet de­tails!
Ever­yo­ne is star­ting to love the Me­du­sa pier­cing, un­der­stand­a­ble! This spot has al­ways be­en con­si­de­red an ero­tic zo­ne sin­ce an­ci­ent times, which is why the Me­du­sa pier­cing loo­ks re­al­ly se­xy – espe­cial­ly when wea­ring the right je­wel­lery! Our new je­wel­lery for Me­du­sa pier­cings, lab­rets ma­de from Bio­Plast with 925 Ster­ling Sil­ver, are per­fect com­pa­ny for lu­scious lips! 💋 

Check out this ne­west ad­di­ti­on to our ran­ge ➡️
By the way: The je­wel­lery loo­ks ama­zing in ears as well!

— Pro­ducts shown: Hin­ged Sep­t­um Con­ca­ve — Zir­con­line, Push-fit Lab­ret Lo­tus — Zir­con­line, Push-fit Lab­ret Ori­en­tal Sun — Zirnon­line and Push-fit Lab­ret Man­da­la Flower — Zirconline.