Sweet details!
Everyone is starting to love the Medusa piercing, understandable! This spot has always been considered an erotic zone since ancient times, which is why the Medusa piercing looks really sexy – especially when wearing the right jewellery! Our new jewellery for Medusa piercings, labrets made from BioPlast with 925 Sterling Silver, are perfect company for luscious lips! 💋

Check out this newest addition to our range ➡️ www.wildc.at/medusa-eu
By the way: The jewellery looks amazing in ears as well!

— Products shown: Hinged Septum Concave – Zirconline, Push-fit Labret Lotus – Zirconline, Push-fit Labret Oriental Sun – Zirnonline and Push-fit Labret Mandala Flower – Zirconline.

Sweet details!
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